For Moms returning to the workforce

May 11

Many mothers I know have mentioned their concerns when transitioning from the role of full-time mom to the workforce, so thought I’d help you out and write a sample cover letter. You are all rock stars – Happy Mother’s Day!   To whom it may concern, As the COO of a small independent start-up in the Greater Philadelphia area for the last several years, I am...

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Social snacking is out of control

Mar 10

While adults casually make plans to get together for coffee, drinks or a meal, I have always understood this to be a means of paying for a location to meet. I buy food and drink, you give me a table to sit in. But for some inexplicable reason, we seem to feed children absolutely every time they get together. As a mother, it pains me to see how this has infected our...

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10 must-have items for your trip to Disney

Feb 18

Some of these items helped us prepare for our trip, but for most, we used Amazon Prime to have the items shipped directly to our hotel. If you are staying at Disney resorts, add your name and your check-in date to the shipping information, along with the resort address. Add an exra day to the shipping time for Disney to route it to you. Here are the three items I...

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Our fish situation is getting complicated

May 18

As few months ago, we were given a nice big fishtank for the Bg Stinker’s room. His angelfish was cramped, so we were ahppy to undertake this new project. But when my husband went to pick up the tank, along with the ziplock bags I sent along, he realized I had not asked for enough information about the tank’s current inhabitants. He called to tell me the...

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Last minute family fairy tale costumes

Apr 27

Last week, I got the amazing news that my family won some tickets to a “Storybook Ball”. The woman told me that many families came in costume, which sounded fantastic, except for the fact that except for Big, who had a pretty awesome king costume, we didn’t have any storybook costumes, and the event was in four days. I hit up a local thrift store, but didn’t...

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Nursing primates

Apr 19

The other day, I was at the zoo and it was time to give Little a snack (our term for nursing). We were in the primate house, there was a bench in the back near the monkey cages and hooray, a table with a coloring activity to occupy Big! Jackpot. If there was ever a place where I would absolutely not get the stinkeye for nursing, it was here. We did our stuff fairly...

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Little Stinker’s first birthday

Apr 15

I can’t believe it’s been a year since that morning I delivered my little stinker.  From the moment he came out, we were smiling and laughing, and somehow, that never changed.  That night, I sent my husband home with the Big Stinker to get some sleep and give our oldest son some time to adjust to the fact he wasn’t going to be an only child anymore. Alone in...

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